Change is in the Air at Old Town

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Courtesy of Old Town

If you drive by U.S highway 192 in Kissimmee you will notice a 600 foot tall zip line and a four story rope course towering along the road. The AMPventure zip line, sponsored by the Pepsi Cola, is one of the most visible changes at Old Town in the past month. The 25 year old theme park and shopping center in Kissimmee has been undergoing major changes, starting with a new owner. Brothers Entertainment Management group recently bought the property and is investing two million dollars to create a new vision for Old Town. “There are many changes happening and many are on their way” says the Sales and Marketing Director at Old Town, Don Rousseau. According to Rousseau, their strategy is to first attract the locals while their new marketing campaign reels in national customers.

Sue Heally has been a manager at The Pearl Factory shop in Old Town for ten years. “Unlike other attractions in Kissimmee, like Disney, we are affordable. People have already spent a lot of money paying for Disney tickets and parking and this is a complimentary venue where people can walk around at their own leisure!” Heally says.

Old Town’s game plan is affordability. They expect to draw a new crowd from this tourist area near Walt Disney World by differentiating themselves, not only with their new attractions but also with lower prices.  For example, the attraction’s zip line costs $10 and its rope course is six dollars. During the month of October Old Town also plans to bring in some of the Halloween Horror Night crowd with their new event, Old Town Halloween, completely free of charge.

An employee at the Black Mineral Market shop says that the changes since the new management arrived last month are clearly visible by the new trees and flowers throughout the property. Girl Scouts from across the state have lend a hand to Old Town by planting flowers and laying down mulch, as part of their “Forever Green” project to help improve the environment.

Some of their new attractions and events include: pirate shows, night muscle-car cruises, church fellowship days and Latin nights.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Old Town

Next month a new attraction will be added to the park by transforming a giant grass field into a drive in movie cinema. People will get to park their cars and watch flicks like old times. “My parents used to take me to drive-ins and it was a big thing! Hopefully I will get to relive those moments again here at Old Town” Heally says.

Ticket sales for Old Town rides have significantly increased since the new additions last month. “It’s been great! Probably one of the best summers we have had. We have a great new vision for old town” said Rousseau. Old Town’s operating hours are Sunday through Thursday from 10am to 11pm. Fridays and Saturdays Old Town opens at 10 am until midnight.

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