Pet Food Bank in Brevard Keeps Their Doors Open

Courtesy of Space Coast Kibble Kitchen

The only pet food bank in Brevard County announces that they are here to stay. Nearly two months ago the charity was in danger of closing due to a demand for pet food higher than they could meet.

Terry May, Co founder of Space Coast Kibble Kitchen, says that thanks to a recent increase in donations the future of the charity looks a lot brighter. She says that once people realized Kibble Kitchen was closing donations skyrocketed giving the charity enough money to get back on track and keep their doors open until the end of this year.

The organization’s mission is to prevent animal surrender. Kibble Kitchen has helped more than 200 families, which translates to more than 800 dogs and 1200 cats. They distribute a month’s worth of food on the second Saturday of each month at Telecommunications Support Services, 720 North Drive in Melbourne, starting at 10 am.

On distribution day the group will start with nearly 5,000 pounds of kibble and end with barely any food, sometimes with none. Because of the rough economy supplies run out at times and families are turned away. May says that since the recent donations not one family has been turned down.

Everything is donated from individuals, companies, and schools.

May says that their food bank has been doing better but if the donations stop coming in they could be in the same place they where a couple months ago.

To make a donation visit Space Coast Kibble Kitchen’s website and use PayPal or send your check payable to “Space Coast Kibble Kitchen” to P.O. Box 411353 Melbourne, FL 32941.  To make a food donation, drop off your food at any Petco store in Brevard County.

Courtesy of Space Coast Kibble Kitchen

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