24/7 Food Truck Spot Opens in Winter Park

Courtesy of the Winter Park Food Truck Stop

If you drive past U.S. Highway 17-92 just north of Lee Road you might notice Winter Park’s Food Truck Spot.

Developer Dan Bellows and his company Sydgan Corporation decided to turn a two-acre lot into the home of more than a dozen food trucks. The stop provides food trucks a parking spot where they can serve food around-the-clock.

Project Manager at Sydgan Corporation, Jessica Walker, says the company wanted to give small business owners a helping hand.

“We heard a buzz about food trucks. We have the property and we knew they were looking for a place to sort of call home,” Walker said.

Walker says the food truck spot offers truck owners privileges they wouldn’t otherwise have.  She says food truck owners and their customers can benefit from a variety of amenities.

 “We built two stages to put bands outside. There are full bathrooms which are cleaned daily. Most of the trucks have access to power, as well as a place to store any grease, garbage, parking, all those things and light,” Walker said.

Viveca Averstedt is the owner of the Swede Dish food truck in Winter Park. Averstedt, whose truck specializes in traditional food from Sweden, says the main difference between this food truck stop and a restaurant is variety.

 “People have more choices. There are 10 to15 food trucks so they can go from one food truck and buy one dish and if they want to come eat different food to another food truck,” Averstedt said.

Owner of the Fork in the Road food truck, Bryce Balluff, is a professional chef that graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Balluff says a main struggle for food trucks is generating regular customers.

“With a food truck it’s a little more transient because they have to seek you out. In a solid location they know where to find you. They know when your opening hours are,” Balluff said.

Balluff says that even though the site is new, he can tell it has a lot of potential.

 “I think it has an opportunity to be a really great location. It is between Maitland and Winter Park a busy stretch of highway,” Balluff said.

Walker says the Food Truck Stop will also bring the Winter Park community together.

“The long term goal would be to create a weekly event preferably Thursdays where there is a band, kids running around, people drinking having fun, that’s what we want,” Walker said.

Last Thursday the Winter park Food Truck Spot began a weekly event called the International Food Truck Rally. The rally provides live music, a full liquor bar and a variety of food from the on-site trucks.

Courtesy of the Winter Park Food Truck Stop

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