Three Main Blood Banks Merge Into One


Courtesy of Florida Blood Center

Three main blood banks are merging into the largest blood bank in Florida history.

Florida Blood Center’s Vice President of Marketing, Susan Forbes, says the merge will benefit the community and hospitals by insuring a safe available and affordable blood supply.

 “It’s very expensive to ensure safe blood and being able to do that will help us control our own cost which we can then pass on to our hospital partners and their patients by being able to help mitigate future price increases” Forbes said.

Mergers have become common in the blood bank industry. Florida once had more than 20 blood banks, now there are four.

“Blood centers all over the country are starting to merge because it makes it more efficient for them to be able to operate and so this is really something that was in the best interest of our community” Forbes said.

Jessica Wong is an Orange County local that donates blood at least once a month. Wong says every time she sees a blood truck it is her duty to pull over, raise her sleeve and give someone else the gift of life. 

“Blood saves lives whether it is one or hundreds during a natural disaster. Since blood banks are coming together and expanding, they will reach more people willing to donate blood like me” Wong said.

Oneblood officials say the organization will have an annual income of more than 300 million dollars and provide nearly three thousands jobs.

Courtesy of Florida Blood Center

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